Swissborg Quest in Full Swing!

Heya Farmers!

We're on day 2 of the Swissborg x Enjin collab quest, and I hope everyone is faring well in all of their games!!  Wanted to highlight a couple things in case anyone was venturing here to learn more about the game/quest!

For starters, the quest and game are accessible to all via Telegram, and there are no requirements to start playing or participate in the quest!

The game can be found HERE, and will begin with a short tutorial on how the game works!

Once the tutorial is completed, the Swissborg event can be accessed in one of two ways - via the Event menu on the main menu, or heading straight to the Quest menu and selecting the Multiverse Quest option!  This quest will take the user through a quick timed journey where your brave Hoppers complete a couple of Multiverse actions (shoutout to the original version, involving playing Lost Relics, Dissolution, Cryptonom Battle Bot, and Spirit Clash!).  This all culminates in claiming the Swissborg headpiece at the end - sign up and complete the quest for the full story!

Once completed, be sure to check out some of the other quest options, and explore the farm some!  There are no purchases required to play the quests, and all quests have a chance at dropping some blockchain loot (chances increase the more Hoppers you own though!).

Check out the infographic below for more information, made by Cliff @ Lost Relics!  All assets will be sent on Sunday August 9th, then Phase 2 will go on for 1 week to complete the Lost Relics quest and assemble Cyborg!

If you want to double check that you are on the list of headpiece recipients, go to the Event menu in the Main Menu - you will see a Check mark next to the menu option, and when opening it should be greeted with a message that you have received the headpiece.

If you want to verify the address associated to your account, head to the Financial Menu followed by the Bank Menu.

Welcome to the Farm!