Collect Grasshoppers

Recruit a wide variety of quirky Grasshoppers to manage your Farm.  Teachers, Lumberjacks, Swordsman - all will play a role!

Complete Quests

Send your Hoppers out on various quests to battle enemies or improve your Farm!

Battle Opponents

Send your Hoppers out on timed missions to raid other players' Farms and win rewards!

Join Swarms

Team up with other Grasshopper Farmers to complete group quests and objectives!

Own Your Own Grasshoppers!

Grasshopper Farm is built on the Ethereum network, utilizing Enjin!  Enjin allows for the creation and utilization of blockchain tokens as in-game items that you are free to buy, sell, and trade as you please!

In order to play the game, download the Enjin Wallet from the appropriate app store on their website here!

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